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Touching moments

Glaciers not only fascinate, but also trigger emotions. Perhaps they even form a part of the Swiss soul. Folk songs, poems, pictures and plays provide interesting clues in this respect. MortAlive also touches and triggers emotions. Two special music projects make MortAlive sound unique moods in special places.

Tango Glaciar

Prof. Johannes Oerlemans and Dr. Felix Keller form with their formation Tango Glaciar the only tango ensemble in the world consisting only of glaciologists. With great passion Johannes Oerlemans arranges the great tangos for orchestra, exploring the intimate sound of violin and guitar into great depth. Performances at tango salons, MortAlive presentations and personal glacier stories melt hearts instead of glaciers.

Swiss Ice Fiddlers

The Swiss Ice Fiddlers arouse emotions in an unmistakable way to the uniqueness of the fascinating ice world of the high mountains. Violin sounds, aerial photographs of the famous glider pilot Christine Levy, fairy tales animated with pictures and popular scientific glaciological explanations combined with culinary delights trigger unexpectedly enchanting effects that make the topic of climate protection a matter of the heart. Evening programmes, productions, children's excursions and framing for all kinds of events are individually arranged. Musical performances include entertaining folk music from Northern Europe (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Ireland), Switzerland and Kletzmer music.

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